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Column – Al gored February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Abuse, Hypocrisy, Misrepresentation, Smear.


One of the most absurdly smearing and abusive columns from someone that claims he does not indulge in such and chastises others for doing so:

WHAT a shame Al Gore has left town, trailing gassy contrails…

But, alas, I see the old fraud…

…Nobel Prize-winning guru of global warming…

…I guess there were just too many sponsors Gore had to chat to instead – the green carpetbaggers of wind power, solar schemes and carbon trading who’d paid for him to come scare up more business of the kind that’s made Gore so rich…

So when the Great Green Profit…

…damn Gore as a loose-with-truth fear-monger…

But what of the actual content and context of Bolt’s abusive attacks on Gore?

Two years ago Stuart Dimmock, father of two and school governor, asked England’s High Court to stop education authorities from giving Gore’s film to schools as a teaching aid, since it was political indoctrination and not the mere teaching of science.

True, Justice Michael Burton did technically rule in Gore’s favour by letting the film be sent out, albeit with advice to teachers on its many errors. But Gore deceived the ABC audience by implying the judge ruled “in my favour” on the errors Ewart mentioned.

It’s many errors? 9.

It’s pretty clear that Gore in saying that “Well, the ruling was in my favour”, was actually referring to the fact that the film was not withdrawn.

 I don’t think you have quite told the truth. Not all of it, at least.

Really? Because that’s what Bolt does without fail. Doesn’t he?


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