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Column – Cool to be a sceptic February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Doesnt Understand, Misrepresentation.


Better that than have us stare at the latest satellite data showing the world has now cooled down to the average temperature of the past 30 years.

This blatant deception has already been analysed. Using a monthly figure to make a statement about a long term global temperature variable is scientifically illiterate and defies even common sense.

Specifically, asked Fielding: “Is it the case that carbon dioxide increased by 5 per cent since 1998 while global temperature cooled over the same period? If so, why did the temperature not increase; and how can human emissions be to blame for dangerous levels of warming?”

Repeating the refuation: there is no claim or axiom for climate science that AGW will always increase linearly or in direct correlation with CO2 output.

An excellent question, even if it’s more accurate to say the world has cooled since 2001, despite a big increase in the gases we’re told will make us fry.

No it isn’t accurate to say that at all.

Last weekend we could understand better why Wong is no longer keen on data on surface and atmospheric warming. NASA’s Aqua satellite – one of the four main measurements of world temperature – found June had dropped back to just .001 degrees above the average for the past 30 years.

That means we’re back to “normal”, even if “normal” now is slightly warmer than the average for last century, during which the planet came out of the Little Ice Age that ended 150 years ago.

This is a flagrant and patent misrepresentation of the science and I suspect Bolt know it. Using a monthly variable to make a statement about a long term climate variable shows scientific illiteracy.

But know this: the data shows less warming than the alarmists claimed, and no warming for several years. It may start warming again soon, but until then a sane person will keep his head—and his doubts.

Forgive us if we’d rather not accept the advice of someone that proves themselves to be scientifically illiterate just a few paragraphs ago.

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