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Explain this, Mr Gore February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Doesnt Understand, Misrepresentation.


CO2 is rising but global temperature isn’t rising.

It’s amazing that Bolt repeats over and over an assertion that is patently false and, somewhat alarmingly given that he claims to understand the science, refuted by the very graphic he refers to.

If it was a proven fact and a necessity of climate science that global temperature will always appear to be increasing and perfectly correlated with CO2 output, wouldn’t the gig have been up in 1998? The very graph Bolt is referring to clearly shows that global temperature appeared to decrease over the next few years. This has been the case over the long term global temperature series.

The fact is, global temperature varies with many factors and variable apart from CO2. This is why it tends to be computer modelled rather than governed by a simple linear equation.

Bolt’s post merely servers to demonstrate he does not understand a subject he loudly claims he does.

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