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Only Flannery is Blown Away February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Misrepresentation.



Flannery’s claim:

Hurricanes are becoming more frequent in North America.

In fact, that’s not true. And now there’s this latest forecast from Britain’s Met Office.

Andrew attempts to rebutt Flannery using a forecast for the coming season!

In fact:

From US Global Change Research Program

There is observational evidence for an increase of intense tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic since about 1970, correlated with increases of tropical sea surface temperatures. There are also suggestions of increased intense tropical cyclone activity in some other regions where concerns over data quality are greater.  Multi-decadal variability and the quality of the tropical cyclone records prior to routine satellite observations in about 1970 complicate the detection of long-term trends in tropical cyclone activity. There is no clear trend in the annual numbers of tropical cyclones.”

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