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Paying to play at saving the world February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Lie.


How much of our money is Kevin Rudd splashing out to bribe foreigners into signing a useless deal to stop a warming that actually halted eight years ago?

BRITISH Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he has won Kevin Rudd’s backing for a bold proposal to create a $122 billion-a-year climate change fund for poorer countries, in the hope of breaking the deadlock threatening a new global agreement to fight climate change.

And that’s not including the billions he’ll waste on our own emissions trading scheme, or the billions we’ll then lose in productivity and sales.

Here, Bolt actually makes the claim that global warming has “halted eight years ago”. On what scientific authority does Bolt presume to make such a blatantly deceptive statement?

What economic study does Bolt use to back his claims regarding the ETS? None.

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