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RealClimate now ponders: why no warming? February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Doesnt Understand, Misrepresentation.


There’s been an astonishing shift in the global warming debate. RealClimate, a prominent climate blog run by leading alarmist scientists such as Michael ”Hockey Stick” Mann and Gavin Schmidt, has acknowledged that the warming has paused, after all, and probably will not resume (if at all) for at least another decade.

What is really astonishing, is Bolt’s ability to completely misrepresent the  paper and the author. Bolt makes the claim:

Summing up: some of the scientists most prominent in promoting the theory that man is heat the world to hell now promote a paper saying that theory is actually questionable, and we now face a prolongued period of no temperature rises instead, contrary, it says, to what leading climate models predicted.

How on earth did Bolt get this from the paper which clearly states:

Regardless, it’s important to note that we are not talking about global cooling, just a pause in warming.

The paper does not say the theory is questionable at all. Not anywhere.

In addtion it does say:

What do our results have to do with Global Warming, i.e., the century-scale response to greenhouse gas emissions? VERY LITTLE, contrary to claims that others have made on our behalf. Nature (with hopefully some constructive input from humans) will decide the global warming question based upon climate sensitivity, net radiative forcing, and oceanic storage of heat, not on the type of multi-decadal time scale variability we are discussing here. However, this apparent impulsive behavior explicitly highlights the fact that humanity is poking a complex, nonlinear system with GHG forcing – and that there are no guarantees to how the climate may respond.

Bolt merely constructed a little theory of his own.

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