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Seas stop warming and rising February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Misrepresentation.


Distinguished climatologist Roger Pielke Sr examines three recent papers and says they confirm that the alarmists are wrong:

All of these analyses are consistent with no significant heating in the upper ocean and a flattening of sea level rise, and even more clearly, that these climate metrics are not “progressing faster than was expected a few years ago”.

Incidentally, this means Climate Change Minister Penny Wong will need to try again to explain why the planet isn’t warming as we’d expect if man’s emissions are to blame.

The papers confirm that “the alarmists” are wrong? About what? AGW? No, the claim is that climate scientists were wrong that the effects of AGW are “progressing faster than was expected a few years ago”.

Andrew then adds his own spin which, as has been previously demonstrated is incorrect.

The information that shows and proves that Bolt is wrong in many of his inferences and assertions is readily available and could easily be verified by him. Why does he not do so?

The title itself is a blatant mistruth and misconception designed to deceive.

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