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The green religion has its first baptism February 4, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Hypocrisy.


Even a dunking in cold water couldn’t shake her new faith:

TEENAGER Anna Surridge is so passionate about climate change she organised her own eco-baptism….

The Bishop of Llandaff High School pupil worked out that the electricity needed to raise the temperature of a baptistery (for immersion baptisms) to a comfortable temperature could be equivalent to making a thousand cups of tea and that it easily holds more than 1,000 litres of water. So she decided to be baptised in a more green way… during a weekend camp near Brecon in the river Usk…

“The weather was fantastic, but the water was freezing. I was wearing a wetsuit, as was my dad who baptised me, but I most certainly could still feel the cold.”

Worthy of inclusion only because it demonstrates Bolt’s hypocrisy: criticise for perception of hypocrisy and criticise when they attempt to practice what they preach.

Incidentally, the claim that AGW advocates are practicing a religion is yet another demonstration of Bolt’s hypocrisy. Given his scientific backgound or lack thereof and his repeated demonstrations that he doesn’t understand much of it even the basic science, it is logical to conclude that Bolt’s position on AGW is one of faith also.

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