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Arctic ice was pushed out, rather than melted February 21, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Abuse, Deception, Misrepresentation, Smear.

Bolt’s Post 21 February, 2010

Here Bolt criticises “Serial Alarmist” Marian Wilkinson for the fact she:

hailed the big Arctic melt of 2007 as evidence the world was heating disastrously and man was to blame:

If you want to see climate change happening before your eyes, scientists will tell you: “Go to the end of the earth”, and that’s why we’re here, in the Arctic Circle.

But Bolt reckons, the Antarctic is the place to go to see sea ice increasing:

Wilkinson never explained why the end of the earth we had to go to for evidence was the top, and not the bottom, where sea ice was actually increasing:

He then links to a site providing data for the Arctic. But the graph he provides is for the Antarctic – not sure where it was sourced from.

No trend and no test for the significance of the increase.

But Bolt doesn’t explain that scientists know that sea ice in the Antarctic is increasing whilst land ice is decreasing. The data and the explanation is provided at SkepticalScience:

While the interior of East Antarctica is gaining land ice, overall Antarctica is losing land ice at an accelerating rate. Antarctic sea ice is growing despite a strongly warming Southern Ocean.

Then  Bolt does yet another cherry-pick in which he claims that:

… the Arctic has since increased its ice cover.

What Bolt means is, if one considers just the Arctic sea ice extent since 2007 it will show an increasing trend. True. But why would you do that when you can look at a historical trend for the summer melt over a much longer period (as you would surely want to do when talking about climate) where we find this:

Once again, Bolt is unable to see the wood (long-term trend) for the trees (cherry-picked short-term).

And what of the apparent thrust of the story? That:

…part of that big melt of 2007 was caused not so much by a warmer world melting that ice where it lay, but, NASA now concedes, but by currents pushing the ice down to warmer seas

No one has ever claimed that the whole of the Arctic summer melt is due to AGW – that is and would be patently foolish as the summer melt in the Arctic has always occurred – even before AGW.

And would the fact that part of the record melt of 2007 may or may not have been due to global warming change that long-term trend we see above? No.

Once again Bolt attempts to lead us up a well-worn garden path to deception and misrepresentation.



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