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Arctic puts Wilkinson’s alarmism on ice March 6, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Misrepresentation.

Bolt’s Post 5 March 2010

Here Bolt again creates deception about the state of Arctic sea ice.

As the first part is merely a rehash of a previous post, which has already been debunked, no need to re-demonstrate the deception practiced.

There’s an amazing amount of irrelevant hogwash to wade through at Watts Up With from where Bolt takes his lead here but what Watts wants to say can be summarised very succinctly where he says:

The Arctic continues to recover.
All those graphics and yet Bolt and Watt just can’t bear to put up the only one relevant to such a discussion and his assertion:
This post is also well covered at Crikey by Tobias Ziegler.
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