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Warming again March 6, 2010

Posted by BlueGreen in Deception, Doesnt Understand, Misrepresentation.

Bolt’s Post 6 March 2010

Finally, Bolt has the courage to put up the graphic he has long touted as being “evidence” that the globe was cooling and it hadn’t warmed for a decade, etc, etc.

No similar claims being made here now that deception is obvious even to his own readers especially seeing that Spencer is forced to acknowledge that:

The global-average lower tropospheric temperature remained high, at +0.61 deg. C for February, 2010.

I wonder if Bolt has thought to put this fact together with his evidence of the NH cold and snowy winter as supporting evidence that the IPCC and “warmists” are right that global warming and extreme weather events are completely compatible? I suspect not.

But Bolt does claim it’s evidence of:

The long post-mini-ice-age warming may be resuming after a break of a decade.

So he’s given up on the cooling idea he’s falling back on another tried and true deception. Already debunked of course (SkepticalScience).

Followed by another go at Flannery and Qld rain. Already debunked.

El Nino maybe?

Why doesn’t Bolt just go with Spencer:

trends since 11/78: +0.132 +0.132 deg. C per decade

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